When it comes to planning your wedding, what type of bride are you? “I have no idea what Im doing”, “ I love wedding planning. I think I have found my new calling”, or “I’d love to hire a wedding planner, but it doesn’t fit in my budget”? For those brides that have no idea what they are doing, hiring a wedding planner is a no brainer. But for those brides that feel they have no exactly what they are doing, or those where a wedding planner just isn’t feasible, is it really worth it to hire a wedding planner?


1) We create and help you stick to your budget - We know this industry inside and out. We work with vendors that will fit into almost every budget and we’d love to introduce you to some of our favorites. We think outside the box! If you have an idea, we make it come to life all while sticking to your budget. Recently we worked with a bride that wanted an elegant dinner that showcased the smells and flavors of the Pacific Northwest. Our team worked with a local caterer that created an affordable and elegant hors’ d'oeuvres buffet that featured items rich with smoked salmon and huckleberry garnishes all while staying UNDER their food budget. She was able to spoil her guests with the taste of the PNW by compromising the sit down dinner with an elegant heavy appetizer buffet.

2) We keep things stress-free - A wedding is all about the details and as your wedding approaches, the last thing you want to worry about is the details. Our team prepares timelines, agendas and spreadsheets to keep things organized. We communicate with all your vendors to make sure they are on time and things are running according to schedule. We planned a wedding where the food was taking longer to cook than expected. Instead of keeping guests waiting, we changed up the agenda and did first dances before dinner. The time passed quickly and kept guests entertained all while catering was quickly trying to catch up. Once the dances were over, dinner was ready and we released tables for food. Things like this happen all the time. However, with a professional team behind the scenes, your wedding continues to flow flawlessly and you and your guests will never know.

3) We are your sounding board - As a wedding planner we wear many hats. One of those hats is sometimes playing counselor and mediator. As the one getting married, you are juggling opinions from friends, family, in-laws and potentially your soon-to-be spouse. The waters can get really muddy and sometimes you need a third-party to bounce ideas off. Our team thrives when faced with talking you through the tough stuff. Wedding planning isn’t all about cake and florals, and we’re here to help you through those hard times.

4) We help plan the entire day - Even if your venue offers a day of coordinator - I warn you the coordinator will likely only be coordinating the specific details the venue is responsible for providing, like food or the space itself. They may not be focused on helping you juggle ALL the little details that will make your special day so special. And juggling details is the last thing you and your fiancé want to worry about on your wedding day. A hotel or venue will see two or three weddings a weekend, but this is your wedding. It’s special and unique to you.

5) WE GOT YOU! - We love to serve.