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Frequently Asked Questions

My venue comes with a day of coordinator. why do I need to hire a planner?

(Nothing against venue coordinators- I love them and they’ve helped me out a lot before!) If they tell you they can handle things on the day of your wedding, it’s true- they can, but it’s only within a certain scope. 

A venue coordinator is looking out for the venue’s best interests. A wedding coordinator is looking out for YOUR best interests. The venue coordinator deals with everything having to do with the venue- food, setup, bathrooms, etc. A wedding coordinator will deal with aspects of the venue that pertain to you, such as setup, and will make sure everything is to your specifications.

What kind of weddings do you coordinate?

“DIY” to Black Tie. From backyards to rooftops. We coordinate religious weddings, destination weddings, same sex/LGBTQ weddings and everything in-between.

Do you take payments?

Absolutely! We understand weddings are expensive and we get the privilege of walking with you through the entire journey. We do require a 10% deposit to hold the date and you must be fully paid by wedding day.

Do you work with specific vendors?

I work with anyone and everyone. I do have some favorites that I will recommend, but you’re not required to work with anyone specifically.

Do you get kickbacks from vendors?

When I recommend a vendor, it’s because I’ve worked with them and I understand the value they bring to the table. It takes a village to produce a wedding. You need a team that are rockstars in their industry and understand the twists and turns a wedding can take.

Do you charge for an intial consultation?

NO WAY! Our initial consultations are always complimentary. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other.

What other events do you coordinate?

Our main focus is WEDDINGS. But we also do engagement parties, baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries, birthdays.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes! We require a 10% deposit in order to hold your date.